CSU PE Scuba Class

PEDS 1531 Scuba Diving


Instructor: Jerry Holland

Telephone: 706.325.DIVE

Office: Planet Ocean Scuba Center

Hours: Tues-Fri 11-6 Sat 10-3



(1) To acquaint the student with the basic physics and gas laws that affect a diver using open circuit compressed air scuba and related gear to depths not exceeding 60 feet


(2) To provide sufficient information on the human body’s response to water pressure changes during both descent and ascent phases of a dive so as to allow safe and comfortable dives on scuba in the open water


(3) To provide sufficient information on dive planning and open water conditions so that the student will be able to select appropriate sites and to prepare for dives within their range of ability


(4) To familiarize the students with the components of a total diving system, the basic function of each component, and to emphasize the need for a complete system and its regular maintenance


(5) To develop basic skills of scuba and related gear in a pool in preparation for open water training, including mask and regulator clearing, descent and ascent techniques, proper equalization, buoyancy control, sharing air, entry techniques, and snorkeling techniques



(1) participation in the program

(2) complete end-of-chapter worksheets

(3) complete a midterm and a final exam



Participation and worksheets....... 40%

Midterm exam................................  30%

Final exam..........................................30%



Attendance is mandatory. There is no differentiation between excused and unexcused absences with the exception that a legitimate medical problem must exist to be considered for make-up of any exam.



If you choose, you can become a certified diver and participate in the variety of dive trips that are offered through Planet Ocean. This is totally at your option, and CSU is not involved in the scuba certification process.  Entry level open water scuba certification may be received through Planet Ocean Scuba Center as a member of Scuba Schools International (SSI).


Open water certification does require additional expenses for materials, personal dive equipment, and an open water dive trip.


Upon completion of the minimum classroom and pool instruction, the college requirement will have been met.  However, if you want to become a certified diver, additional pool time may be required before going on a dive trip. You must be very comfortable in the pool with all the skills on scuba before going to the open water in Florida.  Extra pool time is unlimited and at no charge if you are buying all your gear from Planet Ocean. Otherwise, additional pool sessions are $20 each with a group, $75 each for individual lessons.


The most fun part, of course, is the opportunity to actually go diving in the open water on a scuba certification trip. It takes two days of diving to complete certification on an overnight trip, and handouts are available with the details of a variety of open water dive sites ranging from clear, fresh water springs in the Florida panhandle, to the Florida Keys, to islands in the Caribbean.



Classroom and pool fee....$250 (paid to Planet Ocean)

Open Water text and training record..........................$25 + tax


If possible, it is recommended that you buy your own snorkel gear and wetsuit for the pool sessions.  If you buy one of the special equipment packages available to you at Planet Ocean,  you get free use of the scuba gear and pool for practice.



Florida dive trips.....................$250 and up ( not including lodging, food, travel)

Log book and certification card fee….$49


(Revised January 2008)

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